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New Callaway Rogue ST Woods

Along with the news from TaylorMade earlier this week, Callaway have also announced the release of their new product line for 2022, Rogue ST.
Once again, Callaway have made use of Artificial Intelligence in the construction of their new woods, which we originally saw in the Mavrik, and then again in the Epic Speed. The Rogue ST has combined this AI technology with extensive player data, Tour feedback and brainpower to create a high-speed high forgiveness line of clubs.

The main aim for Callaway with the Rogue ST line was to create a club that can appeal to a wider variety of golfers and for each of them to get the maximum performance from the club. As we know, no two golfers are the same which makes this a challenging task for the team at Callaway, however, they have been able to cover most bases with the new family. The Rogue ST Driver’s come in four different models, the Max, Max D, Max LS and Triple Diamond LS.

The ST stands for Speed Tuned. This summarises the ideas and technology placed into these clubs. The face has been designed for optimal speed at impact. The new “Tungsten Speed Cartridge” at the back of the head is the most noticeable innovation found in the Rogue ST. The core purpose of this weight is to move weight away from the face of the club, this helps face stability for off-centre hits meaning you don’t lose as much speed (and distance) on your bad shots.

Another notable difference is the use of an updated Jailbreak technology, which has been very popular in previous models. The Jailbreak technology in the Rogue ST has slimmer vertical bars behind the face but stiffer horizontal bars, compared to what we have seen in the likes of the Epic Speed. This slight change has helped to decrease the overall weight in the head, but still maintain all the core benefits of the Jailbreak technology.

The Rogue ST Max (9, 10.5 & 12) is the most forgiving head available. It comes with a slight draw bias and a 26-gram tungsten weight at the back of the head. The Rogue ST Max LS (9, 10.5) provides a low spin alternative to the ST Max. The Max LS also gives you more natural trajectory compared to the draw bias, the slightly lighter 23 gram tungsten weight helps to move the centre of gravity further forward. The Rogue ST Max D (9, 10.5 & 12) follows a similar build to the ST Max, this model however has a more pronounced draw bias as well as an upright lie angle, further appealing to a golfer seeking forgiveness and that right to left ball flight. The final model in the series is the Rogue ST Max Triple Diamond LS (9 & 10.5). The Triple Diamond is a traditional tour player’s club, and it was originally only available on tour. This compact 450cc head has just a 20 gram Tungsten weight at the back with a natural to fade bias.

Along with the Rogue ST Drivers, there is also the release of the Rogue ST Fairway woods. They follow a similar theme to that of the drivers, including a variation of the Jailbreak technology. This is called “Batwing” technology, where the Jailbreak structures sit in the heel and toe sections of the club. This allows the centre of the face to remain flexible for optimal speed but still gives the stability for off centre hits.

The fairway woods also have the gold Tungsten Speed Cartridge, however for the fairway woods it is placed closer to the face to bring forward the centre of gravity. This helps to increase ball speed and reduce over spin from shots hit low off the face, which Callaway identified as a common mishit for fairway woods.

There are three models of fairway woods, including the Rogue ST Max (15, 16.5, 18, 20, 21, 24 & 27) is a high launching head built around forgiveness and no wayward bias to appeal to a wide range of golfers. The Rogue ST Max D (16, 19 & 22) is a draw biased club, designed for those who wish to see the right to left flight as well as high launching assistance. The final fairway wood is the Rogue ST LS (13.5, 15, 16.5 & 18) is again a low launching, low spinning head with no fade or draw bias for a neutral trajectory.

Callaway have also released some hybrids to accompany the Rogue ST family. Similarly, to the fairway woods, the hybrids also have the Jailbreak technology placed in the heel and toe of the club to allow for increased speed and flexibility off the face.

There are four different hybrid models including the Max, which gives the longest distances and is designed to suit a wide range of golfers. The Max OS is an oversized head with a large sole designed for a high launch. The Max OS Lite follows a similar design but just with a lighter head to suit seniors or ladies. Finally, the Rogue ST Pro has a shallow slim look for iron-like workability that appeals to the better players.

What do you think of the new Callaway range? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts.