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Adidas Tour 360 Shoes

Known for comfort and style, the Adidas Tour 360 fdamily has welcomed another memebr, with the 2022 ediditon being released overnight. The shoe is packed with new technology and modern style that will appeal to a range of golfers. Anyone who has walked a round in the Adidas Tour 360 know how comfortable they are! Lets take a deeper look into the new footwear.

The design team at Adidas worked closely with Olympic gold medalist and current world number 7, Xander Shauffele to design the ultimate golf shoe to appeal to club golfers and tour pros alike. The design is based around the Adidas principle "Feet You Wear". This is that they are made to mould around your foot for optimal comfort and traction.
To assist the golfer with grip, a inside sock like liner has been included to cradle the foot for added support. This ensures minimal chance of slipping in the shoe. Adidas have used the lateral movement of the golf swing to help add grip to the soles of the shoes. There is also a new spike pattern that we have not seen before in an Adidas shoe. The Spikemore design allows the spikes to be injected straight onto the TPU base, meaning they can tactically position the spikes to get the most grip out of the shoe. The spikes are also larger than we have seen before in the Tour 360 collection, this accompanied with a central cone like spike gives more control than we've ever seen before.

"The Tour 360 is synonymous with pinnacle technology and premium materials, and we remained true to that throughout the design process of this new model. Golfers will instantly notice a more natural fit that offers better stability, better traction and amazing comfort. I've been a part of the creation of every model of the Tour 360, so I can confidently say that this is our best-performing model we have ever introduced." said Masun Denison, Adidas' Global Footwear Director.

There will be 5 different models to choose from, each coming with colour variations. There is the Adidas Tour 360 22 Men's BOA, Adidas Tour 360 22 Men's Laced, Adidas Tour 360 22 Women's BOA, Adidas Tour 360 22 Women's Laced and Adidas Tour 360 22 Juniors Laced.