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Golf Suite Golf Health Check

We've all been there right? Frustrated with our game, not knowing what is going on or what we need to work on to improve our game.

The reality is, we could probably avoid alot of this frustration by getting a regular check up.

Think of it like your car .... You don't want it to break down right? You don't want things to go wrong. WHY? Well because if it does happen, it's a big problem that now needs to be fixed that probably could have been avoided. So how do we avoid that? By getting our cars serviced regularly to maintain their performance.

The BGA GOLF HEALTH CHECK is exactly that for your golf game. An annual check up (or more if you wish to) to ensure that your game is being looked at and serviced with a diagnosis to ensure we know what to rectify and what you need . Too many times we are seeing golfers self diagnose their game. So let us ask you this, do you service your car yourself? or get a registered and qualified mechanic? When you are getting you health looked after do you use google? or visit your qualified Medical Professional?

In much the same way, PGA Golf Professionals are fully qualified and authorised to look after you with your golf game and at each BGA Pro Shop location, you will find a fully qualified Golf Professional to look after your game. To often we see golfers self diagnose their game which tends to only compound the issue or bandaid the real problem.

Currently however, it's been up to the golfer to approach the Golf Professional and ask for a lesson or advice and almost still have the golfer tell the Golf Professional what they would like to work on. Whilst you might be slicing your driver and fixing that will help you, maybe it's your chipping and putting that needs the most work?

The new BGA GOLF HEALTH CHECK provides a complete and thorough assessment of your game looking at all aspects from your swing of both metals and irons, wedges, short game, putting, equipment and more.

Find your nearest Golf Suite Professional

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