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New Brand to GolfSuite - XXIO

XXIO is a Japanese golf brand, while its not often found in Australian golf stores, the benefits of their equipment may be hard to refuse! XXIO base all their designs off a question all golfers ask themselves; "how can we make this game easier?", well, see below how XXIO have just done that!

World's Lightest Design
Switching from heavy, tour-developed equipment, to XXIO's lightweight designs delivers instant speed. And the difference is anything but subtle: XXIO clubs are 20% to 30% lighter than typical woods and irons. 

Detail Obsessed
XXIO refuse readymade components. Instead, they custom design club systems entirely from the ground up. There are distinct grips and shafts for every iron, hybrid, fairway and driver, each individually developed to optimize your performance. 

Balance Point Pioneer
XXIO are pioneers of high balance point club designs, providing a genuinely effortless swing feel for moderate swing speed golfers. 

Play More
Easier is more than a philosophy. XXIO Clubs increase speef without increasing effort, reducing the strain you experience during a round so you can stay strong through 18 and less fatigued on the 19th. Easier to play means more play, more energy post-round and fare less strain on your body. With XXIO, you'll play better golf, and a lot more of it. 

XXIO are now available on our online store, click HERE to have a look at our range! You can also shop XXIO products at the Yarra Bend Pro Shop, feel free to contact us if you would like to make an enquiry for club fitting.