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Our forms of coaching

It can sometimes be challenging to find enough time to get suitable tuition and practice for your golf game. Luckily, we have a range of flexible teaching options that can fit with your lifestyle.

Face-To-Face Teaching

Face-to-face teaching allows for a more traditional form of golf coaching. By meeting with a PGA Professional in person, this allows them to get an in-depth look at the mechanics of your swing in real time.

Our PGA Professionals have a great depth of knowledge when it comes to the game of golf. Not only can they help improve your swing, they can also assist with all other facets of the game such as course management, rules & etiquette and equipment advice.

Online Teaching

The main issue with most golfers nowadays is that they struggle to find enough time to work on their game. Golf is a great game, however, it can be very time consuming, as such, the industry is trying to move to a more remote form of learning.

At GolfSuite, we are please to be able to have followed this trend and offer our own form of online teaching. This allows you to seek advice from a trusted PGA Professional, whenever and wherever you may be. It is then up to you to find time to work on their personalised advice.  

Online Teaching Modules

In addition to our standard online teaching offering, we also have over 80 online training modules, developed by AAA PGA Professional Mark Auhl.

These modules cover all aspects of the game, from full swing technique to teaching you how to practice properly. This form of coaching allows you to work your way through the modules and help gain a better understanding of your game, and the game itself.

Find your nearest Golf Suite Professional

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They can assist you with Club Fitting, Lessons and make your next round better than the last.