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TaylorMade Stealth UDI and DHY Utility Irons


When it comes to filling the gap between a 3-wood and your longest iron, there are many options for golfers. Hybrids have become increasing popular due to their workability and forgiveness, where professionals tend to favour a higher lofted wood such as a 5-wood, or more commonly, a utility iron. The two new Stealth utility irons may just have the ability to satisfy the needs of your everyday club golfer, all the way to the very best players in the world. 

The two models are names the DHY and the UDI. The UDI (Ultimate Driving Iron) is a slimmer, more players orientated design, where the DHY has a larger profile, better suited to those seeking greater forgiveness and workability from their longer clubs. 

"We designed two options to provide versatility and forgiveness that can be a massive advantage for golfers in between their fairway woods and longest irons."

One thing we have been liking about the new releases of the Stealth series is their simplicity. TaylorMade have clearly backed the technology in their equipment and felt the need to only release a simplified range, for example there is only one option when it comes to the Stealth irons, similarly with the new Utility Irons, the two models are able to cover the basis of a large portion of golfers. 

Both designs share a hollow body build, with a 450 stainless-steel head and 4140 forged steel L-Face, this is the same material TaylorMade have used in their popular P790 irons. The 4140 forged steel has been a popular choice for TaylorMade iron construction due to its springy nature and ability to keep a forged iron feel at impact but still optimise ball speed. TaylorMade have also introduced their "Speed Foam" technology into the utility iron design. This lightweight foam is almost 70% less dense which allows for greater discretionary mass to optimise the COG. This helps to enhance speed and feel of the club, accomapnied with a speed slot on the sole of the club to help correct and optimise shots low off the face, which TaylorMade identified as an area of concern for most golfers, particularly with longer clubs. 

The main visual difference in the two models is also the biggest technological difference, being the screw, found on the sole of the DHY and on the back of the UDI. Placing the screw on the sole of the DHY helps golfers hit lower trajectory shots. The rear screw on the UDI model raises the CG by approximately 3mm compared to that of the DHY, this encourages a more penetrating flight that flies higher and lands softer, the ideal trajectory for hitting into greens. 

With the new technology found in the Stealth utility irons, will you be testing them out? They are due to be released on the 15th of July and are available at $399.95.